Welcome to your Whole Health healing experience!

Helping you to get the life that you want, consciously.

What is Whole Health?

Our bodies know how to heal themselves, however trauma, stress, environmental factors or what we eat can affect our bodies' ability to do so. 

When diagnosing, we only look at and treat the symptoms - the tip of the iceberg.

After a while our symptoms come back because we're not addressing the root cause.

Whole Health addresses the whole person, body mind and soul.  

We understand that behind every symptom is a story or belief system that needs to be shifted to allow the body to do it's thing.

Symbolism behind the Logo:

  • The Lotus:​

    • Like the Lotus flower that emerges from muddy water, a person has to overcome challenges to move towards the light of healing.​

    • Be like the lotus, it's growth and beauty not being affected by the dirt that surrounds it.

    • Our sessions will help you to be less affected by the negativity and ugliness in your surroundings, allowing you to grow.

  • The Phoenix Flame:

    • From legend, the phoenix set itself on fire when it's lifetime was over, rising from the ashes to start a new life.

    • It might seem like you're life is going up in flames, but our sessions can help you to rise from the ashes and build something new, fulfilling and lasting.

  • The Arrow:

    • An arrow needs to be pulled backwards to be able to fly to reach it's target.  It's also dependent on the direction it's being pointed.​

    • When you feel you're being dragged backwards by life, our sessions will help make sure you're pointing in the right direction, maybe one you never considered.

What the Session can help with:

-- Addiction --

-- ADD / ADHD --

-- Anxiety --

-- Arthritis --

-- Auto Immune --

-- Breaking Habits --

-- Cancer --

-- Cardiovascular Problems --

-- Depression --

-- Digestion Problems --

-- Eczema --

-- Exam Preparation --

-- Fatigue --

-- Genital Problems --

-- High Blood Pressure --

-- Insomnia --

-- Joint Problems --

-- Kidney Problems --

-- Lymph Problems --

-- Menstrual Irregularities --

-- Migraines --

-- Nightmares --

-- OCD --

-- Pregnancies --

-- Quadriplegia --

-- Respiratory Problems --

-- Stress --

-- Trauma / PTSD --

-- Urinary Problems --

-- Vaccine Damage Repairs --

-- Weight Problems --

-- XDR TB --

-- Yellow Fever --

-- Zika Virus --

-- etc. --