Karina Botha

I studied B.Eng Chemical Engineering at the University of Pretoria after which I worked as a Process Engineer for 5 years.  I lived a "normal" life, worked long and hard, bought a house,

did everything that was expected of me . . .

But something was missing in my life.

More and more frequently, the questions "What are you passionate about?" and

"What's your life's purpose?" came up.  I ignored these questions.

You see, I was floating through life.  I lived by the rules that I put in place.  I believed that if I lived by these rules, I would be happy and I would feel fulfilled.  There was no place for passion. 

No time to think about purpose.  The questions kept coming until one day I was forced to answer.  The only answer I could come up with was "I don't know".

At the time, a friend was going through something similar and was referred to a BodyTalk practitioner.  When I was told about the session, they mentioned that passion came up.  Immediately I said "I don't know who or what this is, but I need to go for a session".

I made an appointment and the first thing the practitioner told me was that I'm not living my life's purpose, to which I said "Tell me something I don't know".  I'm supposed to help people, which resonated so strongly with me that I started the process of becoming a Whole Health Practitioner.

During this time, my father broke a bone in his foot.  It was a bad break, on the verge of requiring surgery.   It was decided to wait and see if a moonboot would be enough for it to set. 

At the follow-up appointment 2 months later, it was found that the bone had not healed or even moved and the new and old x-rays were identical.  He was then referred to a specialist, who could only see him much later.

By then I had completed my first training and offered to do a session on him.

When the time came for him to see the specialist, another x-ray was taken and they were surprised to see that the fracture had healed completely.

That's when I knew that this is what I am supposed to do.

So how can I help you?

I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Transformational Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master,

Fascial Release Practitioner and Animal Communicator.

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