Here are some frequently asked questions.
Please also see the pdf called "What is BodyTalk" for extra information.
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What is the duration of a Session?

  • A Session typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

How many Sessions are required?

  • That differs from person to person.  On average, at least 3 sessions are required for a specific problem.

How do I make payment?

  • There are Zapper and card facilities available.

Can I gift a session to a friend or family member?

  • Yes, gift vouchers are available for purchase.

Can sessions be done on children?

  • Yes, sessions are especially effective on children.  They are not as "stuck in their ways" as adults, therefore they shift quickly.

What about sessions on pets?

  • Yes, sessions can be done on pets.  These need to be distance sessions, however, to make it less stressful for the pets.

What are distance sessions?

  • A distance session is a session done on you without you having to come to the practice.  You can be at home, at work or even traveling anywhere in the world!

  • These sessions are done over Zoom, but can also be done via email if requested.

How do distance sessions work?

  • As explained by BodyTalk System Founder John Veltheim:​

The Magic of Distance Sessions

"For many, it may seem odd to say that a healing session can be conducted at a distance.

On the surface, it sounds like something assigned to trained mystics with specific dress and accoutrements, surrounded by a haze of incense. It just seems too “out there” to respectfully be explained scientifically.

Except that, it can.

Although there is no one answer to why distant healing works, quantum physics, which is the application of the philosophy of consciousness, provides a solid one. Since BodyTalk is a consciousness-based method of health care, we can effectively conduct techniques within the practice remotely. A practitioner mentally focuses on the client’s holographic information, with the understanding that time and space are not barriers to effect change in that very hologram. The potential effect of distant healing is even more profound if you consider how modern technology has further bridged the time-space continuum.

Communications are instantaneous, and in so many different forms. A heart-felt text message, for example, telling someone that they are loved, can potentially avert a depressed state from otherwise devolving into an act of self-harm.

The effect of distant healing often begins when a decision is made to engage in such. The commitment is often followed by a sense of excitement, a movement in the right direction towards healing and growth.

Synchronicities, or what Carl Jung coined as “meaningful coincidences,” may abound, as you arrive at the moment of your session.

You are like a radio antenna receiver in the holographic field, and something is ready to shift."